Bill Breed - Austin Strategic Partner 5:07

Bill Breed owned and operated a successful dealership in Austin, TX for over 20 years. As his business evolved, Bill spent less and less time growing his business, and more and more time mired in operational, non-selling activities. His company also reached a growth ceiling; the only way to push to the next level was a with a significant investment, which would force him to go outside the company for more capital. By partnering with Regency, Bill was able to transform his work life back into what he does best – SELL. Bill spends the majority of his time working directly with his clients, and his focus has gone back to growing his business.

Steve & Shawn - South Bend Strategic Partner 3:59

Steve Greene first started working with Regency as an outside sales rep in August of 2006. After 18 months of being a top producer, Steve relocated from Raleigh to Dallas and took the role of sales team leader. After a few months in Dallas, Steve moved home to South Bend, Indiana and pursued a career elsewhere. In November of 2009, Steve decided to rejoin Regency as an independent strategic partner. Steve’s business partner, Shawn Hickey, was an old co-worker and was intrigued by Steve’s venture with Regency. After watching Steve’s success for about 6 months, Shawn decided to join up. Shawn and Steve also own a successful Kona Ice franchise as well.

Chris Bachkora - Kansas City Strategic Partner 3:36

After graduating from Saint Louis University in 2006, Chris Bachkora spent a few years as a sales representative for a Kansas City based marketing firm. In December of 2009 Chris joined Regency’s outside sales team and never looked back. Chris was highly productive and built a sizeable book of business billing over $1.5 million in less than 18 months. In the summer of 2011, Chris was promoted to sales manager and led the Kansas City market to a blistering 37% growth rate the next year. Today, his market bills over $4.5 million annually. In the summer of 2013, Chris and his top rep Jon Bond earned an opportunity to purchase the Kansas City market and now operate independently under the strategic partnership program.

Joe Drumwright - Charlotte Strategic Partner 2:39

Joe Drumwright began his career with Regency in Raleigh, NC in November of 2008 after graduating from West Virginia University. Joe had a vision of one day owning his own business, and believed that a successful sales career was the starting point to achieve his goals. Over the next two years, Joe regularly outperformed his peers, and learned the basic “blocking and tackling” skills it takes to generate consistent, sustainable results. He earned the opportunity to train in a management role in early 2011, which took him to Milwaukee and Chicago. In January of 2012, Joe’s dream came true and he moved to Charlotte, NC to open his own dealership.

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