Do I have to re-brand to be a part of the Regency Partner program?

No. In fact we urge you to continue to capitalize on the equity you have built in your current brand. We will provide the web content for complimentary product lines, but we will use your current identity, logo, colors, etc.

May I use the Regency logo and identity if I choose (i.e., a start-up location)?

Yes. If you are starting a new company, you are welcome to use the Regency logo, website, marketing materials, etc.

Do I handle my delivery and customer service?

You can choose to handle either or both of the above, however, you may choose to utilize our customer service team in addition to capitalizing on our pre-established delivery methods.

Am I responsible for billing the customer? Several of my customers are geographically dispersed. How do I handle sales tax in other states?

We have a dedicated staff for managing the billing and sales tax process. We bill the customer on your behalf with the remit to address being your company.

What type of training and support will you provide?

We will provide initial training and continuing education as well. Topics include basic sales and industry training. You’ll have access to our training videos, intranet, and in-house trainers.

Are there annual sales conferences or opportunities to benchmark with current strategic partners and agents?

Yes. We have annual sales conferences and once you are a partner, it is encouraged to participate in company events.

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