"The ability to create new revenue streams by approaching our existing customers has completely re-energized our sales team." - Ed Sistare

"I just didn’t have the infrastructure or the resources to put it all together. The technology has made the process for my customers much easier and more efficient." - Bill Breed

"By partnering with Regency, we won a national, multi-location customer that we would not have won in the past. This program gives us the best of both worlds, keeping Office Mart local, but without limitations!" - James Vitela

"The challenges faced by independent dealers are daunting. Regency has given us the tools and confidence that we can do more than survive, we can thrive!" - Gale Daigle

"Most my customers now buy two or three different products lines (including office supplies) and spend more than $2500 per month… and they stick around." - Joe Drumwright, Regency of Charlotte

"To bring world class technology and capabilities to our clients while maintaining the Gonzalez name is a true game changer." - Pam Gonzalez

"Our customers also buy print and promotional products from us, making our relatonship so tight, they’d have to have surgery to leave." - Shawn Hickey, Regency of Elkhart

"By differentiating ourselves in the marketplace, we will take our business to a level previously unobtainable. I’m confident with Regency Franchise Group I will experience significant growth, and much quicker than I could on my own." - John Wilcox, Coastal Supply Solutions

"Regency Franchise Group’s unique solutions will give me a distinct advantage in competing for enterprise level accounts and compete against the big box competition in our area." - Kathy Hoyle, Hoyle Office Solutions

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